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If you have reviews, pics, recording.... of the 2003 concerts thanks to send us email to radioheadnews@hotmail.com  and/or idiotequefr@yahoo.fr

5th September 2003 - 15:35 (GMT+2)


The Toronto show that has been postponed due to the power outages has been rescheduled for October 15th at the Air Canada Centre. If you got your tickets through w.a.s.t.e. you should get an annoucement on the changes (Thanks At Ease)

Mp3 Rem with Thom (Vancouver)

E-Bow the Letter

It's the End of the World As We Know It

(Thanks Chad for the links)

The website  is back now for news frequently updated.

16th august 2003 - 06:58 (GMT+2)

Setlist Montreal

1 2+2=5
2 sit down stand up
3 wieayb
4 kid a
5 backdrifts
6 lucky
7 Paranoid Android
8 sail to the moon
9 just
10 I might be wrong
11 punch up at the wedding
12 scatterbrain
13 go to sleep
14 pyramid song
15 Idioteque
16 the gloaming
17 There There

18 You and Whose Army
19 National Anthem
20 Big Ideas (Accapella 25 seconds)/Wolf at the Door
21 Street Spirit

22 Karma Police (Sing I lost myself after the song)
23 everything in its right place

(thanks Phil for the setlist)

If you have reviews,  pictures, video, audio of this concert please send me a email


30th July 2003 - 00:16 (GMT+2)

We've juste received a mail from waste who announce 6 new concerts dates accross Europe :


We have new tour dates for November 2003 in Europe for you.......

On Monday the 10th November Radiohead will play a show in the
Oberhausen Konigs Pilsner Arena, Germany

On Tuesday the 11th November, Brussels Forest National

On Thursday the 13th November, Berlin Arena

On Saturday the 15th November, Hamburg Colorline Arena

On Monday the 17th November, Paris Bercy

and last but by no means least on Wednesday the 19th November we have
Arnhem Gelredome, in The Netherlands

We've got some tickets stashed for you to buy direct from w.a.s.t.e via
the ticket shop at www.waste.uk.com
Tickets go on sale on the 2nd August at w.a.s.t.e from about 10AM (or
when we've finished our breakfast) and from your usual general ticket
outlet facilities.
Did I mention you could buy the very newest tee shirts from the shop
there as well???............oh silly me! You can you

Ooh and we also have more tickets for the Dublin show at The Point on
the 4th December so these will also be available from the 2nd August as

And as if all that wasn't just a mine of information in itself, we have
a reminder that the Radiohead Loophole competition is now open so find
out all about it at



28th July 2003 - 14:00 (GMT+2)

Go to Sleep Video available on the net. You can see it here

The new single, Go To Sleep, will be available as two parts on both compact disc and vinyl on August 18th in the UK and August 19th in North America. These tracks will be featured:

Go To Sleep CDs1 (Cat No: 52954 )
1. Go To Sleep
2. I Am Citizen Insane
3. Fog (Again) (live)

Go To Sleep CDs2 (Cat No: 52955 )
1. Go To Sleep
2. Gagging Order
3. I Am A Wicked Child

(Source: Treefingers)

Musique Plus mp3 available here (Thanks Eikichi)

21th July 2003 - 19:39 (GMT+2)

Cd Cover for Nimes available. Click to enlarge

Thanks you rock'n'roll suicide for this artwork

18th July 2003 - 23:57 (GMT+2)

The nimes concerts available to download !!!! No, it's not a joke... Look :


Thanks to ducon (??) for recording, lucius snow for hosting and too Sebetmel and Solonce for their help...

If you have an other recording (audio or video), contact me on idiotequefr@yahoo.fr (contact me too if your recording isn't good)

15th July 2003 - 17:54 (GMT+2)

Hello evrybody, I'm come from the nimes concerts (on 14th July). A great great gigs with a really good setlist. Look this :

1- There there
2- 2+2=5
3- Lucky
4- Talk show host
5- Scatterbrain
6- National anthem
7- Backdrifts
8- Sail to the moon
9- Kid A
10- No surprises
11- Go to sleep
12- Where I end and you begin
13- My iron lung
14- Exit music (for a film)
15- Paranoid android
16- Idioteque
17- After the gold rush
18- Everything in its right place

Encore #1
19- I will
20- The gloaming
21- Bones
22- The tourist

Encore #2
23- Sit down stand up
24- Karma police

Encore #3
25- Fake plastic trees

Thanks aymeric for the setlist.

But I have a little present for you... The first extract of this concert. Recording by ourself but we only have intro, the first and the second tracks due to a battery problem (damn !). You could download this file here (rename .sail to .mp3)(1 files / 23 Mo). The sound quality is not really good, but I hope better recordings coming soon. It's only an extract... But I hope you'll be happy to listen it in exclusivity...

If you have a recording of this gig and want to share it, contact me, and we will try to find a solution... idiotequefr@yahoo.fr

Thanks to don't direct link this file on msgboard. Please, like this page...

13th July 2003 - 13:55(GMT+2)

MusiquePlus have 5 clips of Thom and Jonny's performance online: Go to Sleep, No Surprises, There There, Karma Police, Like Spinning Plates (Thanks Atease)

Montreux video available here

06th July 2003 - 00:34(GMT+2)
Michael Stipe dedicated song to Radiohead

At last night's R.E.M. show at the Waldbühne in Berlin, Michael Stipe dedicated song Electrolite to one of the biggest R.E.M. fans, Thom Yorke and his brilliant band. He told the audience that Radiohead were opening for R.E.M. played at the Waldbühne in 1995 with Radiohead, and before that gig he had a long conversation with Thom. Since that day they are friends. He said that Electrolite is Thom's favourite R.E.M. song.


A reminder for Canadian fans: the June 2nd acoustic set by Thom and Jonny at Musique Plus will be broadcast this Saturday (tomorrow), July 5 at 10:00 PM EDT. This 90-minute show is the first broadcast of the exclusive event taped on June 2 in front of a hundred people in the Montreal studio. (Thanks At Ease and Treefingers)

Setlist Les Eurockennes de Belfort Festival

There There
Morning Bell
Talk Show Host
The National Anthem/Hunting Bears
The Gloaming
Fake Plastic Trees
Where I End And You Begin 
Sail To The Moon
My Iron Lung
Paranoid Android
After The Gold Rush/Everything In Its Right Place

Exit Music (for a film)
Kid A
Karma Police

Setlist secret gig at Le Reservoire in Paris

I Might Be Wrong
There There
Got To Sleep
Knives Out
Sail To The Moon
I Will
No Surprises
A Punch Up At A Wedding
Everything In Its Right Place

Encore 1
Street Spirit

Encore 2
Karma Police

29th June 2003 - 12:45(GMT+2)

Interview with Thom MTV.com.

Radiohead has been named the 2nd greatest live band behind U2 in the current issue of Rolling Stone.

Go to Sleep" will be the next single off of Hail to the Thief and will be released in the UK on August 18th.

RADIOHEAD  Go To Sleep -- (UK 12" limited edition)  release date 18/08/2003
RADIOHEAD  Go To Sleep -- (UK CD next single) release date 18/08/2003

(Thanks Green Plastic)

Hail To The Thief is back on number one position in UK Album Chart. Last week was second behind the Evanescence's Fallen.(Thanks Treefingers)


An exclusive full band interview with Radiohead plus an acoustic set of songs with Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood available here (Thanks Treefingers)

Glastonbury Festival Setlist

01. There There
02. 2+2=5
03. Lucky
04. The National Anthem
05. Talk Show Host
06. Where I End and You Begin
07. Climbing Up The Walls
08. The Gloaming
09. No Surprises
10. Fake Plastic Trees
11. Sit Down. Stand Up.
12. Go To Sleep
13. Sail To The Moon
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque
16. Everything In Its Right Place

First encore:
17. Just
18. Karma Police

Second encore:
19. Street Spirit (fade out)
23th June 2003 - 2:56(GMT+2)
Field day festival pictures available on the website radiohead.om.ru (Thanks Treefingers)

There's a small interview with Jonny Greenwood at Nuvo Magazine (Thanks Atease)

UK CHART: Hail to the Thief down one place to Number Two. Nme article for more info

20th June 2003 - 4:20(GMT+2)
The return-to-rock publicity surrounding Radiohead's Hail to the Thief paid off. The band's latest sold 300,000 copies at Number Three, the lowest debut chart position (but highest selling) of their past three albums. Kid A hit Number One in 2000 and Amnesiac jumped in at Number Two a year later, but the albums sold 207,000 and 231,000 copies in their first week of sales,
respectively (Thanks Atease)

If you like the eric gunnerson covers, he have added "Kid A" on his website. A pretty nice version, once again. Download it here (thanks to him for the good work)

14th June 2003 - 2:17(GMT+2)

So its announcement time again and here are details of confirmed
Radiohead dates for August 2003

w.a.s.t.e has once again secured an allocation of tickets for the
and we will be going on sale with these tickets on the 21st June 2003
for all dates
except Seattle which goes on sale on the 28th June 2003.

Tweeter Center, Boston 13th August 2003

Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal, Canada 15th August 2003

Molson Ampitheatre, Toronto, Canada 16th August 2003

Tweeter Center, Philadelphia 18th August 2003

Merriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia 20th August 2003

Blossom Music Center, Cleveland 21st August 2003

Alpine Valley Music Theatre, Chicago 23rd August 2003

UMB Bank Pavilion, St. Louis 24th August 2003

Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Denver 26th August 2003

USANA Ampitheatre, Salt Lake City 28th August 2003

Thunderbird Stadium, Vancouver, Canada 30th August 2003

White River Ampitheatre, Seattle 31st August 2003

For more info go here (Thanks Marcos Lares for the news)

13th June 2003 - 15:38(GMT+2)

The next “KID A” tribute will take place friday, july 11th at Montreal bar "La place à côté". Admission : 5$

Demo and video of this tribute is available on the website


Other news by Atease website

As reported earlier Radiohead were rumoured to play at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto on August 16th. This has now been confirmed by the venue

Interview with Phil here (access magazine)

Review of Hail to the Thief

Nude as the News

The Daily Mississippian,



12th June 2003 - 3:11(GMT+2)

9 video available on mtv website (London's Shepherds Bush Empire)

Good Sail to the Moon cover by Nicofieu and Nick Sherman now available here

Nme Article:

'HAIL TO THE THIEF' is on course to achieve the biggest first week album sales in the UK this year after selling over 60,000 copies in just two days. If the album, the band's sixth, continues selling in such quantities it could even challenge last year's best first week sales - 270,000 for Coldplay's 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' and 260,000 for Robbie Williams ' 'Escapology'.

'Hail To The Thief' is currently selling more than the rest of the Top Five put together, including Metallica's 'St Anger' and Stereophonics' 'You Gotta Go There To Come Back', currently 2003's biggest first-week seller, having shifted 102,000 in that period.

HMV chart spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said: "It just goes to show how many people are still into Radiohead. There's a degree of compulsion with this band."

11th June 2003 - 4:09(GMT+2)

Interview with Jonny Greenwood by hour.ca

True love waits Christopher O'Riley Plays Radiohead now available 

Official website for this album http://www.truelovewaits.cc

10th June 2003 - 3:32(GMT+2)

Radiohead.tv updated with episode one available

09th June 2003 - 1:47(GMT+2)

To find the Jonathan Ross video performance go to Revolving Doors website multimedia section

Radiohead.com website now updated

09th June 2003 - 0:27(GMT+2)

Setlist Field Day Festival

there there
the national anthem
kid a
go to sleep
climbing up the walls
sail to the moon
sit down stand up
pyramid song
no suprises
i might be wrong
where i end and you begin
paranoid android
everything in its right place

encore 1
exit music (for a film)
talk show host
how to disappear completely

(Source: Greenplastic)

07th June 2003 - 1:21(GMT+2)
Orlando Sentinel wrote a article about Beacon Theatre gig here

Setlist Beacon Theatre

01 there there
02 2+2=5
03 the national anthem
04 morning bell
05 scatterbrain
06 kid a
07 go to sleep
08 climbing up the walls
09 backdrifts
10 sail to the moon
11 sit down. stand up
12 no surprises
13 talk show host
14 where i end and you begin
15 paranoid android
16 idioteque
17 after the gold rush/everything in it's right place

encore 1
18 i might be wrong
19 the gloaming
20 punch-up at a wedding
21 fake plastic trees

encore 2
22 karma police
23 lucky

encore 3
24 true love waits

05th June 2003 - 12:43(GMT+2)
Krock gig performed at electric lady studios June 4 available on the net

To find this concert go Here

Radiohead will broadcast their MTV2-sponsored New York concert in Canada (via satellite) from coast to coast in Famous Players theatres today.

The Radiohead concert, broadcast live from New York City in front of a by-invite-only audience of 2,500, will begin at 10pm EST and will only be available to fans in Canada at select Famous Players locations

For more info go Here (Famous Players tickets)

Setlist available after the gig

04th June 2003 - 19:55(GMT+2)
Radio 1 Special

Next Monday's Lamacq Live is a Radiohead Special. Steve will be broadcasting from Radiohead's very own album launch party.

It's an intimate gathering: for friends, family and Lamacq Live at the home of Radiohead's bass player Colin Greenwood. It's a show totally dedicated to the band and we want you to be part of it. We need you to choose our Radioheadliner - that's our Headlining Radiohead set. Vote for your favourite below and we'll play a selection of the most popular performances on next Monday's show.

Which live Radiohead set should we play?

Bristol Sound City - 95 Milton Keynes Bowl with REM - 95 Glastonbury - 97 Bercy in Paris Later Session - 2001 In Session - 92 In Session - 94 In Session - 97 Mark and Lard - Acoustic Session in Verona

Thanks David

04th June 2003 - 04:54(GMT+2)

Review Musique Plus Concert (Performance/Interview) Here 

(Thanks Gotosleep)

For listen the new album Hail to the Thief go on the  radiohead.tv website

Go to Jam Music website for read a interview with Phil (Thanks Atease)

Review Hail to the Thief by Music-Critic.com

03th June 2003 - 05:45 (GMT+2)

Setlist Musique Plus

1. I might be wrong
2. Sail to the moon
3. Go to sleep
4. Punch up at the wedding
5. No surprises
6. I will
7. There There
9. Karma police
10.Like spinning plates

Great accoustic concert. Interview with Thom with many political question. and other Interview with Jonny and Colin. Colin not perform for the concert only for the interview

For see this concert at Musique Plus

 July 5 at  22:00 or  July 6 at 12:30

02th June 2003 - 02:41 (GMT+2)

"K-Rock Presents Radiohead's Thom Yorke live and unplugged at Electric Lady Studios on Wednesday night". Thom Yorke will do an accoustic show on K-rock on 4th June. More infos here

Tonight, it's recording of the Musique Plus accoustic concert. Creep (the other webmaster of sailtothemoon) will be there and we will give you the setlist and maybe a review when he'll become.

Mp3 for the jo whiley show and the xfm interview are available here

We've got a mail from waste (since few days) :

Prior to the June 10th release of Radiohead's new album, Hail to the Thief, MTV.com will present The Leak, making the entire album available on the site from June 2nd through the 10th. Additionally, two-dollar tickets will go on sale for the Radiohead MTV2 2$Bill concert on Saturday, May 31st at 12 noon at the Beacon Theatre box office in New York City. The Radiohead 2$Bill concert will air exclusively on MTV2 on Tuesday, June 17th at 9pm (ET). MTV2 will also air a special Boxed Set collection of Radiohead videos, as well as air short 'blips' of the new Radiohead video for 'There There'. MTV2 will also provide live wall to wall coverage, including interviews and performances of the first annual Field Day Festival on June 7th and 8th, from Long Island, New York, where Radiohead is headlining.

Somes tracks of hail to the thief and there there video clip is available on capitols records. Click here (Great thanks Jason for his work)

Somes live recordings from the 2003 gigs are or will be available. Check msgboards of somes radiohead website to maybe find new link. I have update the "full concerts" section with manchester, and the 2 nights in London 2003 (thanks to Knar, citizen insane, audiothief and more). If someone have one, thanks to contact me here

MTV.fr announce a program called "Radiohead Played In full" friday between 21h10-22h here (thanks just-radiohead)

The Amnesiac in Paris gigs is available here (great great thanks jason again and sorry for the delay)

Sorry for the "Toulouse 97" cd-cover, I have a really big delay about it, but don't worry, it's now available. I have added too a cover for the "amnesiac in Paris" gigs who has been requested by lot of users (sorry for the delay too) :

Toulouse 97
Amnesiac in paris

If you like the eric gunnerson covers, he have added "Exit music" on his website. A pretty nice version, once again. Download it here (thanks to him for the good work)

30th May 2003 - 5:16 (GMT+2)

Radiohead On  Jo Wiley

Audio available on the bbc website

London shepherd's bush, 2003-05-25 mp3 available here (thanks Nick Polak )

27th May 2003 - 15:41 (GMT+2)

Manchester concert available at cuttooth website

Video Clips from dublin available


(Thanks Thecriminal for this webpage)

Orlandosentinel.com review Hail to the Thief here

Article london night 2 (Nme)

26th May 2003 - 17:08 (GMT+2)

Setlist London night 2

01 there there
02 2+2=5
03 national anthem
04 lucky
05 punchup at a wedding
06 go to sleep
07 kid a
08 myxomatosis
09 backdrifts
10 sail to the moon
11 sit down stand up
12 no surprises
13 talk show host
14 where i end and you begin...
15 paranoid android
16 idioteque
17 everything in its right place

Encore 1:

18 i might be wrong
19 the gloaming
20 Just
21 like spinning plates

Encore 2:

22 pyramid song
23 Karma Police

Encore 3:

24 true love waits

Radiohead will play live on june 2nd at the studios of Musiqueplus now confirmed. 3-8 songs for this performance

24th May 2003 - 12:46 (GMT+2)

Setlist London night 1

01 there there
02 2+2=5
03 national anthem
04 morning bell
05 scatterbrain
06 kid a
07 go to sleep
08 climbing up the walls
09 backdrifts
10 sail to the moon
11 sit down stand up
12 no surprises
13 talk show host
14 where I end and you begin
15 paranoid android
16 idioteque
17 everything in its right place

Encore 1

18 i might be wrong
19 the gloaming
20 myxomatosis
21 lucky

Encore 2:

22 fake plastic trees
23 how to disappear

London Pictures here and Manchester Pictures here

23th May 2003 - 22:50 (GMT+2)

6 Manchester mp3 available now at:

http://homepage.mac.com/mike.rice/httt.html (Thanks Nevertell and Mike)

23th May 2003 - 16:39 (GMT+2)

Radiohead to play acoustic set for Musique plus

According to today's La Presse, Radiohead will play live on june 2nd at the studios of Musiqueplus, Gquebec's music channel. Thom and the Greenwoods will be playing acoustic songs and talking about Hail To The Thief. They've been asked to play 8 song,s but it's still unconfirmed.Tickets will be given away in a contest to 150/250 fans. (source Atease) (Thanks thrillhouse)

For see La Presse article click here  (thanks thrillhouse for this scan)

French article about this acoustic set Showbizz.net

Setlist Manchester gig

01 there there
02 2+2=5
03 national anthem
04 morning bell
05 lucky
06 backdrifts
07 sail to the moon
08 sit down. stand up
09 scatterbrain
10 kid a
11 no surprises
12 myxomatosis
13 we suck young blood
14 paranoid android
15 my iron lung
16 idioteque
17 everything in it's right place

encore 1
18 the gloaming
19 i might be wrong
20 just
21 the tourist

encore 2
22 talk show host
23 fake plastic trees

Review by Manchester Online

Review by  Nme

Mp3 for the concert of Manchester is not available now but coming soon. Go Here for more detail

The website radiohead.tv new design

Reviews for Hail to the Thief album




22th May 2003 - 4:35 (GMT+2)

Listen There There, Myxomatosis, Sail to the Moon, Punch up at the wedding  on the official Capitol Records website here

 Edingburgh Setlist

01. there there
02. 2+2=5
03. national anthem
04. lucky
05. backdrifts
06. sail to the moon
07. where i end and you begin
08. go to sleep
09. we suck young blood
10. no surprises
11. sit down stand up
12. pyramid song
13. paranoid android
14. my iron lung
15. idioteque
16. everything in it's right place

encore 1
17. the gloaming
18. wolf at the door
19. just
20. like spinning plates

encore 2
21. talk show host
22. karma police

20th May 2003 - 4:52 (GMT+2)

Dublin picture and short video available Here (Source: Greenplastic)

Kid A live mp3 from Dublin now available on the net. Here for find the mp3

20th May 2003 - 1:34 (GMT+2)

From atease msgboard, it seems to be the real tracklist of this night Belfast gig :

01 - There there
02 - 2 + 2 = 5
03 - I might be wrong
04 - Exit music
05 - Scatterbrain
06 - Kid a
07 - Airbag
08 - Subterranean homesick alien (not played live since 1998)
09 - Backdrifts
10 - Sail to the moon
11 - Dollars and cents
12 - Go to sleep
13 - Myxomatosiss
14 - Where i end and you begin
15 - Paranoid android
16 - Idioteque
17 - Everything right place

Encore 1 :

18 - The gloaming
19 - punch up at a wedding
20 - Just
21 - Fake plastic tree

Encore 2 :

22 - Sit down stand up
23 - Lucky

The classic Summary :

11 from Hail to the thief :

There there / 2 + 2 = 5 / Scatterbrain / Backdrifts / Sail to the moon / Go to sleep / Myxomatosiss / Where i end and you begin / The gloaming / punch up at a wedding / Sit down stand up

5 from Ok Computer :

Exit music / Airbag / Subterranean homesick alien / Paranoid android / Lucky

3 from Kid A :

Kid a / Idioteque / Everything right place

2 from The Bends :

Just / fake plastic trees

2 from Amnesiac :

I might be wrong / Dollars and cents

If this playlist is real, it's a really big surprise for "Subterranean Homesick Alien", because was played live last time on NYC on 18 April 1998.

Of course, we search all infos, comment, recordings, pics...etc for all these shows... thanks to contact us if you have something news...

19th May 2003 - 4:00 (GMT+2)

A review for dublin gig by Telegraph Art

Nme article about Dublin night 2 and U2 star the edge watches Radiohead  gig

19th May 2003 - 00:42 (GMT+2)

Dublin night 2 Setlist

01 -There there
02 - 2+2=5
03 - National anthem
04 - Morning bell
05 - Scatterbrain
06 - Kid a
07 - Go to sleep
08 - Climbing up the walls
09 - Backdrifts
10 - Sail to the moon
11 - Sit down stand up
12 - Nno surprises
13 - Talk show host
14 - Where I end and u begin
15 - Paranoid android
16 - Idioteque
17 - Everything in its right place

Encore 1:

18 - I might be wrong
19 - We suck young blood
20 - Myxomatosis
21 - Street spirit

Encore 2:

22 - Fake plastic trees
23 - How to disappear

A little summary :

10 from Hail to the thief :

There there / 2+2=5 / scatterbrain / go to sleep / backdrifts / sail to the moon / sit down stand up / where I end and u begin / We suck young blood / Myxomatosis

6 from Kid A :

national anthem / morning bell / kid a / idioteque / everything in its right place / how to disappear

3 from Ok Computer :

paranoid android / climbing up the walls / no surprises

2 from The Bends :

street spirit / fake plastic trees

1 from Amnesiac :

I might be wrong

1 B-side :

talk show host

18th May 2003 - 22:44 (GMT+2)

There There single B-sides Paperbag Writer and Where bluebirds fly available on the net

18th May 2003 - 18:22 (GMT+2)

A lot of Mp3 for the concert of dublin now available on the net



Thanks to andy for recording :)

18th May 2003 - 3:22 (GMT+2)
Dublin concert Setlist

01 - There there
02 - 2+2=5
03 - Where i end and you begin
04 - Airbag
05 - Lucky
06 - Go to sleep
07 - I might be wrong
08 - Backdrifts
09 - Sail to the moon
10 - Myxomatosis
11 - Just
12 - Sit down stand up
13 - You and whose army?
14 - National anthem
15 - Hunting bears
16 - Idioteque
17 - Everything in it's right place

Encore 1 :

18 - The gloaming
19 - Punch up at a wedding
20 - Pyramid song
21 - Paranoid android

Encore 2 :

22 - Karma police
23 - How to disappear

15th May 2003 - 15:10 (GMT+2)

Sorry for the delay..

From waste : "French and Italian shows will be on sale again thursday 15th May at approx 2pm". Go on this website to buy this tickets.

Somes dates are revealed for uk in november :

Saturday 22nd November Manchester, MEN Arena
Sunday 23rd November Newcastle Arena
Monday 24th November Cardiff Arena (CIA)
Wednesday 26th November London, Earl's Court
Saturday 29th November Nottingham Arena
Sunday 30th November Glasgow, SECC
Monday 1st December Aberdeen Exhibition Centre (AECC)
Wednesday 3rd December Dublin, The Point

Tickets will go on pre-sale on Friday 16th May on waste

A new version of 2+2=5 is available (look the differents messageboards)since this morning. It seems to be the final version...

A new game called "Radiohead Pin map" is available here :
2 Extract of There there video are hidden on the map... Will you find it ? (Thanks Citizen Insane)

Fakeplasticboot will propose you soon "toulouse 97" to download. Cover for this show coming soon (1 or 2 days).
Note : The webmaster of fakeplasticboot search tapers for the 2003 gigs. You could add your name on his list here (section httt 2003)

It's a little long to access to our website actually. Sorry about that. It's due to our host. We'll try to find a solution to this problems...

12th May 2003 - 16:30 (GMT+2)

There There videoclip now available on the net.

Link for download There There http://www.jr2.org/therethere/ (Thanks PiTBull ThE SeXyDoG)

Eric Gunnerson create a new radiohead cover. I will now available on Eric Gunnerson website http://www.thepanic.us/the_thief/giantcraneswalking.htm

10th May 2003 - 4:30 (GMT+2)

There There and 2+2=5 live video (Salamanca August 6) available for download on this webpage (thanks LouAskew)

09th May 2003 - 5:00 (GMT+2)

More info about Radiohead live in concert via satellite

Radiohead, will launch their new CD, “Hail to the Thief” with a private concert, broadcast from New York City via satellite exclusively to 17 Famous Players theatres across Canada on June 5th. The Radiohead concert, broadcast live from New York City in front of a by-invite-only audience of 2,500, will begin at 10pm EST and will only be available to fans in Canada at select Famous Players locations.

Famous Players Article

07th May 2003 - 04:25 (GMT+2)


"Radiohead will broadcast their MTV2-sponsored New York concert in Canada (via satellite) from coast to coast in Famous Players theatres" on June 5th.

Here, different places where you could view this show :

StarCite Montreal
Paramount Montreal - IMAX
Colisee Kirkland
Colossus Laval
Star Cite Hull
StarCite Ste-Foy

Paramount Toronto - IMAX
Colossus Toronto
Coliseum Mississauga - IMAX
Coliseum Ottawa
SilverCity Gloucester
SilverCity London

SilverCity Polo Park - Winnipeg
Paramount Calgary
SilverCity West Edmonton Mall

British Columbia
SilverCity Metropolis - Vancouver
SilverCity - Victoria

Capitolmusic announce that "more theatres will be added". More infos soon...

Tickets go on sale Friday, May 9 for $15 and for all Ontario theatres $13.71.

Go here for the capitol music website

Check this two quality pics of thom for the Hail to the thief promotion :

click to enlarge (great thanks mel)

NME have an article about the "Hail to the thief" promotion... Not really news but a little summary and somes explains. About radiohead.tv, "The concept is that it will be an online TV station wholly dedicated to new Radiohead". "Footage will include promo videos, webcast footage from live gigs as well as webcast footage from the studio. There are also a number of actual new Radiohead TV style programmes being put together which will be half an hour in length". "The site will fully launch on May 26 with a 30-minute show", that's confirme news previously announced (2th may)

Full article here

03th May 2003 - 18:51 (GMT+2)

The "PROMO DELUXE CD PAK" version of Hail to the thief is available for auctions on ebay.. Here 2 pics of this version (click to enlarge) :

Go on ebay here (Great great thanks Gary)

CSI have diffuse an extract of sit down stand up final yesterday. MP3 of this extract is available here (thanks radioheadrox2002 and canard de barbarie)

03th May 2003 - 6:52 (GMT+2)

The Hotline for Hail to the thief now available

Hail to the Thief Hotline:


Toll free in the U.S.

When you call you will be given a list of 9 options, dial the number you want to hear:

1) Rotary phone - when chosen, you'll hear a loud long tone until you press a number, at which point you can press # to return to the menu

2) Any option chosen here will let you hear "I Will". Press * during "I Will" to hear "2+2=5"

3) Any option here will let you listen to "Go To Sleep". Press * during "Go to Sleep" to hear "2+2=5"

4) This will read a list of websites Radiohead endorses(like at Radiohead.com), if you press a number while she is reading them she'll ask to you "Please let me finish!"

5) This will just have the lady saying "Cobweb" over and over and over...

6) This will ask you for a 10-digit social security number. Whatever you put in will just lead to her saying "Hail to the Thief" and sending you back to the menu. How clever.

7) This will let you listen to "Sit Down, Stand Up". Press * during the song to hear "2+2=5"

8) She will say "I told you not to press 8." and hang up.

9) This will re-read the menu options

(Thanks Tundra Council)

02th May 2003 - 20:04 (GMT+2)

From Treefingers, this will be the program for radiohead.tv. Not official actually, but this source seems to be really inform about this website :

"» May 5:
Spin with a grin - press system for the band members to answer questions. Interview clips, fan videos and webcast added to the site.

» May 12:
Phone tree - get people to call a number which leads them into a phone tree/maze. Some options have music clips feature added to the site).

There There video to feature on the site.

The Gloaming - game. An interactive labyrinth microsite utilizing lyrics, bits of artwork and audio bites from Hail To The Thief. There are four levels to the labyrinth (the first level will launch four weeks prior to album street date and every Monday thereafter up to release date). The user must complete the first level in order to proceed to the next and the next. The fifth element would be a contest to meet Radiohead.

» May 19:
Sign up for visual listening party to appear in all co branded pop ups album tracks streamed on.

» May 26:
First 30 min cable access TV piece to feature on the site.

» May 30:
Full visual album listening parties to run whilst watching some visuals (possibly from the live show).

MSN instant messenger skin to download.

» June 2:
Second 30 min cable access piece to feature on the site.

Phone tree to begin.

» June 9:
The album release (of course ;) ).

Third 30 min cable access piece to feature on the site.

We Suck Young Blood is the name of the e-flyers campaign. These will be visuals used on cool underground sites."

Another news from Treefingers (Once again...) :

"Waste Products Limited has two new domains for Hail To The Thief massive promotion. The registration date is April 14, 2003. Domains:


02th May 2003 - 17:00 (GMT+2)

There There Video Clips  are available at http://www.radiohead.tv (4 extract of the video)

After register at radiohead.tv a new page appear with there there video links.

Many people have technical problem for see this page. Direct links here for see  video of there there (windows media player high quality)

There There Clip 1

There There Clip 2

There There Clip 3

There There Clip 4

(Thanks darrenfinlayson)

01th May 2003 - 06:16 (GMT+2)

It seems to be the band called "LOW" who will play with Radiohead this july. Not official actually, but this article announce that "the band got a call from Radiohead". Read full article here (thanks AE).
Visit the official website of "Low" here : http://www.chairkickers.com/

30th April 2003 - 22:03 (GMT+2)

Tickets for the "Montreux Jazz Festival" seems to be sold out ! Tickets was sold since 10 o'clock this day. Visit this 2 website : www.ticketcorner.ch and www.jazzshop.ch (Thanks Guillaume)

"Enter to win a trip to see Radiohead's SOLD OUT show in London, England!..." It's a new contest organises by Onion and Capital Records. "Prize includes roundtrip airfare for one winner and their guest plus 2 nights hotel accommodation and 2 tickets to see Radiohead performing live on May 25th, 2003 at Shepherds Bush Empire". This contest is reserved to "legal residents of the United States (excluding residents of Rhode Island)".Click here (Thanks GP)

Always from Greenplastic, Radiohead seems to have begin the "Hail to the thief" marketing...

(Pics shoot on Coachella Festival / Click to enlarge)

"Virgin Radio fans were asked to vote for their top 100 tunes of the last ten years since the station has been on the air"."Creep" has been voted the 6th greatest song of the past decade by UK radio listeners (Wonderwall by Oasis is first). NME want to do the same contest too. Please send your top ten to news@nme.com. Read the full article here

30th April 2003 - 05:57 (GMT+2)

Somes news about Hail to the thief....

(limited edition cover ?)

According to NME, The band "have designed and made 'Hail To The Thief' in the format of a road map and a number of early copies of the album come in the form of a real fold out map "...". The sleeve also gives an alternative name for each song." "The alternative titles offered by Radiohead are (original titles on left):

'Hail To The Thief/'The Gloaming'

'2+2=5'/'The Lukewarm'
Sit Down.Stand Up/'Snakes & Ladders'
'Sail To The Moon'/'Brush the Cobwebs Out Of The Sky'
'Backdrifts'/'Honeymoon Is Over'
'Go To Sleep/'Little Man Being Erased'
'Where I End And You Begin'/'The Sky Falling In'
'We Suck Young Blood'/'Your Time Is Up'
'The Gloaming'/'Softly Open our Mouths In The Cold'
''There There'/The Boney King of Nowhere'
'I Will'/'No Man's Land'
'A Punch Up At A Wedding'/'No No No No No No No No'
'Myxamatosis'/'Judge, Jury & Executioner'
'Scatterbrain'/'As Dead As Leaves'
'A Wolf At The Door'/'It Girl. Rag Doll'"

Thom Yorke have also speak to NME. "He revealed that in the political fall-out of the September 11 attacks on the US and subsequent war in Afghanistan, certain phrases used on the radio stuck out to him."

He said : "I was listening to lots of Radio 4, Whenever I heard words that rang bells in my head, I'd write them down, until I had this really long list, which is basically much of the artwork."

Concerning "there there" (the first single), he said "I went to LA and Nigel (Godrich, the band's producer) played me the mix and it just made me cry, I was in tears for ages, I just thought it was the best thing we had ever done. There was something about it, I loved what he did. At one time I thought it was the song that we were going to lose which I was really upset about because the melody stayed with me for about four months without going away, which is really unusual as it doesn't take me long to get bored and I really never got bored of this song."

NME announce too an exclusive interview of Radiohead on their next NME dated May 3.

Read complete article here

Arsen (an air-radiohead forum user) have joint the different part of radiohead.tv artwork. Thanks to him... Click on pictures to enlarge it :


Radiohead.tv seems to be affiliate to the i-gamers website tidalflow because it seems to be host on : http://www.tidalflow.co.uk/outside/clients/radiohead/. It maybe confirm that radiohead.tv will contain somes i-games. More infos soon...

28th April 2003 - 20:49 (GMT+2)

A new promo website is open.....

It's the website treefingers who have reveale this info first there is 2 days. I propose you to read their news :

On the 28 of April Radiohead are going to start Hail To The Thief promo site www.radiohead.tv. They will place there some videos from studio, fan arts, blips, tracks from the album, covers of singles, games, etc.

One of the new feature will be remote scaring of your friends. You'll need only to enter mobile number of your friend, press the button and then, your friend would hear demonic cry: Hail To The Thief!!!.

For i-gamers they will make labyrinth-game. The characters who will pass through all the levels, would have a chance to meet Radiohead!

And of course, there will be permanent forum, where you can left a question for Thom & Co. and get an answer.

It's not confirmed yet, but the fact is that the domain radiohead.tv is registered on Mel from w.a.s.t.e. We sent an e-mail to Mel and we're awaiting the answer.

And their was in true because, since few minutes the website was put online. It's not actually open, but will certainly open soon....

Visit : http://www.radiohead.tv/

Great thanks and felicitations to treefingers.com for this news

28th April 2003 - 03:49 (GMT+2)

We have received a mail from KROQ :

KROQ'S World Tour continues this week with 5 trips in 5 day and your chance to see Radiohead in Europe. Everyday this week listen in the 5 o'clock hour and you could be winning roundtrip airfare, hotel, a $1,000 bucks spending cash, and a copy of their new CD "Hail to the Thief". Check out where you could be headed :

. Monday - Dublin, IRE
. Tuesday - London, UK
. Wednesday - Sweden
. Thursday - Germany
. Friday - Switzerland

That's 5 trips in 5 days so listen starting at 5pm and call 800-520-1067 to win.

In this mail, they don't say that they pay the ticket for the gig, but it's maybe logical... maybe not... As well, listen KROQ this week and you'll maybe go to somes europeans gigs. Good luck !

27th April 2003 - 17:39 (GMT+2)

Sorry for the delay...

Siren Disc announce "Paperbag Writer" and "Where Bluebirds Fly" as the futures B-side for "There There" single (Thanks GP). Click on this image to enlarge the screenshot :

We could see, at the last row "there there (5 Tracks)", but we don't actually know the tracklist of this CD...

First part of "Radiohead Story" (a documentary from BBC) is now available here. If you want to save this file, right click here and choose save as.

Jonny give two interviews :
- One for VPRO. This audio interview will be broadcast on June. You could listen an extract of this interview here or download it (encoded by myself in .mp3) here
- One for the french magazine "Les Inrockuptiles". One translation of this article is available on atease forum here (thanks finallyiamnoone)

Radiohead on Montreux ? The website Fnac.com annonce tickets available for 30th April 2003 but there isn't official announcement actually. Tickets are cost between 54,03 € and 81,38 €. More infos soon...

More infos about the Radiohead and Sigur Ros Collaboration : "Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood reveals to Billboard.com that on opening night, each group will perform 20 minutes of live music with a twist: the dancers "won't have heard the music until they start."". Read the full article from billboard.com here (Great thanks to Jason)

"Download Radiohead's New single" available in legality on capital records. Click here

From atease : "It looks like the final version of 'Hail to the thief' made it's online appearance at valueradio.ee".
Personnally, I don't think that it's the final version because The gloaming (who will be one minute longer on the leaked version) have the same time... But if it's not the final version, why a website put the leaked version online !!! More infos soon... To hear it click here or here or direct link here

A Review for Hail to the thief is available here

In coming days, the "Toulouse 97" bootleg will be available on Fakeplasticboots... More infos and covers soon !

19th April 2003 - 20:49 (GMT+2)

A lot of future artwork have been revealed (click on image to enlarge)...

Hail to the thief (from atease)

There There (single) (from amazon.co.uk) Thanks Alain

There There (Promo CD) Thanks Gary

Video of Radiohead who play "Just" at "Hit Machine" on french TV in 1996 available on the great french website air-radiohead. It's a really funny playback performance. Download it absolutly here (go on video section)

Radiohead will be play on "New York's Beacon Theater" on June 6 and "MTV, which previously aired an OK Computer-era Radiohead performance" (reference to the great "Ten Spot" concert in 1997) "has announced it will tape the show to be broadcast at an undisclosed later date" (read article). The tickets was available for auctions on e-bay, but has been canceled. Atease have quote this declaration from a spokesperson of the T.J. Martell Foundation : "The date of the concert has not been confirmed and we expect to relaunch this auction in the coming weeks". "This experience was kindly donated by MTV Networks to the T.J. Martell Foundation for auctioning. All proceeds of this charity fundraising auction go towards leukemia, cancer, and AIDS research". "The show "..." was initially announced for June 6, a day before Radiohead's headlining set at the Field Day Festival in Calverton, Long Island, N.Y. Bidding for the two tickets had reached well over $2,000 by late yesterday afternoon" (read article)
More information soon... (Thanks atease and greenplastic)

Two other rumors dates from greenplastic :
- Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver on August 31
- Radiohead and DJ Shadow performing together on May 23 (about this website)

16th April 2003 - 00:38 (GMT+2)

A new message by waste to announce 3 new concerts in Italia :

w.a.s.t.e is very pleased to announce that Radiohead will be playing the following Italian dates:

- Mon 7th July ‘03 Lazzertto, Bergamo, Italy 32 euro + booking fee
- Tues 8th July ‘03 Piazza Michangelo, Firenze, Italy 30 euro + booking fee
- Fri 11th July ’03 Piazza Castello, Ferrara, Italy 30 euro + booking fee

w.a.s.t.e will have an allocation of tickets on sale via www.waste.uk.com on Weds 16th April

Tickets will also be on sale from Wednesday 16th April from the box office website www.ticketone.it



14th April 2003 - 19:28 (GMT+2)

The official website for field day festival now open.


Nme article about this festival  here

14th April 2003 - 18:28 (GMT+2)

Colin and Jonny visit Paris today for Hail to the Thief Promo. The french website Ne Pas Avaler have picture of Jonny and Colin here

14th April 2003 - 15:00 (GMT+2)

Radio 1 Jo Whileys play the final version of There There. Read The Nme Article for more detail. The final version on the net and for find the mp3 go Here

11th April 2003 - 04:17 (GMT+2)


Today, I propose you 3 new CD covers :

- Hail to the thief : Rough mix version
- Later show Jools Holland 2001
- San Sebastian 1th August 2002

About my cd cover of the "Rough mix" version of "Hail to the thief". I have really hesitate before put it online because I dont want to incite you to download this version. That's why we haven't give you link to download it. I'm really boring about that but I don't think that my cover will change something. That's why I propose this covers today.
About the "later show" cover, that a fan who have send it to me by mail. This cover is creating by Fordspeak and is pretty nice. (Great thanks Nick and sorry for the delay)
About the last cover, "San sebastian 1th August", it's an old cover created by myself but I have forget to put it on sailtothemoon.

All theses covers are available on the CD Cover section (Covers Recently added in red). If you want to give me your opinion about this covers, send me mail (idiotequefr@yahoo.fr).

Today it's a download day !!!

The Atlanta 2001 (30 July 01) concert in video is available here. Server is sometimes down, but try it later. To view this video, you need the 5.3 codec available here (thanks citizen insane)

I have promises you an other FTP. Today, I propose you one FTP with 3 others gigs in SHN :

- 30 July 2001 : Stone Mountain Atlanta, GA, États-Unis
- 14 August 2001 : Suffolk Downs at Boston
- 24 July 2002 : Lisbon

These concerts are audio concert. To connect to this FTP, use this infos :

host : elevashn1.dyndns.org
login : slow
pass : slow
port : 2001

For fast connection, you could use :

host : elevashn1.dyndns.org
login : shn
pass : shn
port : 2001

But if you download at less than 12 kb/s you'll be kicked...

Finally, an article about Glastonburry tickets. As this festival is sold out, somes people send tickets on ebay. Extract : "GLASTONBURY organiser MICHAEL EAVIS says he is going to follow RADIOHEAD's lead and withhold tickets for his festival from opportunists attempting to sell them illegally on Internet auction sites.". Read the full article here

8th April 2003 - 03:04 (GMT+2)

The canadian newspapper called "La presse" confirm the rumour concerning possibles coming dates in Canada. We have write this rumor two month ago but it seems to be confirmed. Radiohead will play on Montreal at "Parc Jean Drapeau" on August 15 and on Barrie on August 16. It's an unofficial news for the moment. More infos soon... Read this article (in french) here

7th April 2003 - 01:00 (GMT+2)

Phil talk in the official Message Board

"This is just a quick post. I too am disappointed that the album has already been uploaded onto the net. We don't like anybody to hear our recordings until we are completely happy with them. These mixes of the songs were still "work in progress'. As such, we wouldn't have chosen to present the album to people in this form. I feel that the recording process has been compromised for us. Its not that these mixes are bad, its just that the actual album is better - honest.
Anyway, hope you're all well. Hopefully will see some of you on our travels over the next year.
Take care xx"

6th April 2003 - 01:09 (GMT+2)

video BBC talking about radiohead leak album here or rtsp://rmv8.bbc.net.uk/bbcthree/news/liquidnews/030403/radiohead_leak.rm (Source Air-radiohead)

Ticket for Nime available France Billet Fnac.com. Ticketnet.fr

5th April 2003 - 08:12 (GMT+2)

Tickets for Nimes Arena available here :


5th April 2003 - 06:25 (GMT+2)

Yesterday, Colin appeared on the board to back up Jonny's Declaration :

"Today, Colin Greenwood said: "I just wanted to back up what Jonny said. We're all unhappy with the wrong mixes from the wrong songs being stuck up on the net. It's like having your house done over halfway though having it done up. All the attention is gratifying, but we want it when all our hard work's done and the best it can be. Until then, this is all just unhelpful noise. Wait until you see the final, real, finished album."" Read complete NME article here

A strange back up...

Stanley Downwood have announced somes details about the next LP. The lyrics will be in the booklets, it'll have a special edition and a double vinyl version. The official website will be update too in June. Thanks CUTW (happy you come back)

A lot of new rumors came for news dates. Order by date :

- Montreux Jazz Festival for July 5
- Molson Park in Barrie, Ontario for August 16
- Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver for August 26
- Salt Lake City for August 28

Of course, it's only rumors for the moment... Thanks GP

Waste have added concert for "Nimes Arena" in his "announcement list" here
As the tickets aren't yet available for this show, it's maybe a sign... or just a delay by waste. More infos soon...

4th April 2003 - 00:25 (GMT+2)

A lot of Radio station have ever play the "illegal" version of "Hail to the thief".
Read an article about this phenomenon here

In these radio station, there is "France Inter". It's French station who have a show called "C'est Lenoir". That's in this emission that are recording the famous "Black sessions". On the 2th April show, they begin by "Where I end and you begin" and they have comment it after. I have encode it in MP3, if you want to download it, click here. As for the live recordings, the files are .sail and you will rename it to .mp3 to listen it. Of course, the comment are in french.

Many people have contact us to give their opinion about the "Hail to the thief - Live Recordings", thanks a lot for all your comments.

3th April 2003 - 19:44 (GMT+1)

Final Version for There There

Kroq play the final version of There There. One member of atease message board report this new modification for There There:

-The little guitar intro part from the live version of the song is there

-the bass on the drums was more pronounced. it was probably very great as my  speakers could hear it and my speakers are not top notch

-a few cymbals added to the song..!! sounds great.

-about 1 minute in total was cut, it has to be an edited version (for the radio); the second "just cause you feel it" is gone I believe; it goes into the "there there" vocal part immediately

-the signature guitar part comes in a bit earlier than it does in the mp3, but still not as thom sings "there there...!!"

-during the signature guitar part there is some more guitar layering, very slight but still there. all in all the mids are a bit stronger

You have this version ? Please send a email

idiotequefr@yahoo.fr (fred) radioheadnews@hotmail.com (Creep23)

Enhanced Cd for Hail to The Thief

Capitol is reportedly working on enhancements for the CD to help encourage sales of the band's 6th studio album. (Source Filter)

Summersonic Festival in Japan Confirmed

2 August Tokyo and 3 Auguest Osaka

Radiohead  at long Festival in New York

Radiohead Headline the long festival in new york for the 7 June

Jonny on the Board

he Talk about the studio album available on the net. This is a February recording and not the final version. A lot of modification and best recording. Jonny don't like the cd are available ten week before the release date because this is not the final version and other reason...

Cd Cover Hail to the thief live recording Updated

The CD cover of "Hail to the thief - Live Recordings" have been update. The Porto concert haven't been write on the source files (thanks João)

2th April 2003 - 17:30 (GMT+1)

Your evaluation of Hail to the thief ?
4 or less

1th April 2003 - 0:30 (GMT+1)

Nme article: Jonny Greenwood made an appearance on the official Radiohead messageboard, where he said he was "surprised" the record was online, months before its official June 9 release date. When asked what was up, he jokingly replied "the album, apparently".

"Colin (Greenwood) called and said it was up, so thought I'd check," he wrote. "I feel bemused, not annoyed. I'm glad people like it, most of all. It's a little earlier than we'd expected, but there it is. Surprised, and still not used to it happening, even after all these years. I worry more that stuff we do won't get released for whatever obscure reason, and I hate the 3 month gap between finish and release. But not enough to leak it myself!"

Speaking about the album title, Greenwood said they liked the title 'Hail To The Thief', which is a line on the opening song '2+2=5', in a more general way. As we revealed last week, the phrase was also an anti-George W Bush slogan used by protesters at the end of the controversial election campaign that put him into the White House.

The phrase 'Hail To The Thief' was coined by protesters at the end of the 2000, when controversy famously surrounded Bush's rise to office. The battle between Bush and Democrat candidate Al Gore came to a bitter end, with the result in the key state of Florida dogged by recounts, amid allegations of unfairness in the voting process.

On the day of his inauguration Bush was greeted in Washington by thousands of protesters with banners, some of who shouted, 'Hail to the thief, our commander in chief'.

Jonny explained: "Not sure where all that George Bush stuff came from. Hail is no insult, really...We just like the contradictory phrases like '2+2=5' and 'Hail to the Thief' and all that."

Other article about the album available on the net

Playlouder  XFM Billboard Nme

Please vote for your favorite song of hail to the thief below :)

31th March 2003 - 1:00 (GMT+1)

Your favorite song of Hail to the Thief ?
Sit down Stand Up
Sail to the Moon
Go to Sleep
Where i end and you Begin
We Suck Young Blood
The Gloaming
There There
I Will
A Punch up at The wedding
A wolf at the Door


 Post your comments  about the album Hail to The thief and the results of this pool


30th March 2003 - 4:00 (GMT+1)

The new album of Radiohead is available over the net

Visit many message board for info :)

30th March 2003 - 1:00 (GMT+1)

Xfm listen the new Radiohead album ''It is, however, a very, very, very big record. I only heard it once and some tracks I only heard in part. Obviously from that it would be wrong to give a full review or even a vague one. However…

Here for the complete article

There There have 2 version, a full length version and a another one to be released as a single edit. (thanks cutw)

Atease news: Radiohead's forthcoming single 'There There' will be premiered on the Jo Whiley Show on BBC Radio 1, the 22nd of April. Show starts at 10:00 am.
25th March 2003 - 06:12 (GMT+1)

About Greenplastic, there will be another Radiohead announcement :

We've got a plan. We need your help. We're looking for moving pictures. Can you make moving pictures?

Time is short. This is what you have to do :

1. Take one of the live MP3's of a Radiohead track.
2. Make some moving pictures to it (can be anything: live action, animation, graphics etc).
3. Make it at least 10 seconds and at most a song's length (although we prefer shorter).

OR... Have you already made a short film that would benefit from an airing?

Send your work to Radiohead at:

The Picture Gallery
PO box 322

by Monday 8th May 2003

Formats Required:
For short films / whole songs : VHS (PAL) (You will be contacted if we require higher quality masters)
For shorter animations, graphics: Quicktime (720 x 576 pixels) CODEC: Motion JPEG B (High Quality)

Please enclose with it your name and e-mail address/telephone number.

We haven't receive official confirmation, but Greenplastic is a serious website and it will be amazing that it will be a rumour. We will tell you when we have confirmation.

Thanks Ken for announcing me this news.

We ever know the MTV Project "Need to talk", for which Radiohead are donating the track "Meeting in the aisle", maybe they have keep this idea to do the sames with their fans. To be continue.... Read an article about the MTV "Need to talk" project here and here

Thom Yorke saying : "The US is being run by religious maniac bigots that stole the election and they need this war to win the next election. It is not moral, it is self-seeking.". Read article here

"Apparently, during these times of hardcore reality tv, the BBC showing uninterrupted bloodshed and war live on CNN, that because of "heightened public sensitivity to representations of war, soldiers, bombing, destruction of buildings and public unrest at home. The ITC (The Independent Television Commission) have created a 'War Time' Programme Code to censor what is seen on TV. According to the memo, Mtv can not "broadcast material which offends against good taste or is offensive to public feeling.

Therefore, MTV Europe is outright banning videos that feature any of the following : war, soldiers, war planes, bombs, missiles, riots and social unrest, executions and other obviously sensitive material."

The video clip of Lucky by Radiohead are one of the banned video because it "contains war footage including injured children and 'Invasion' - song title may offend.". For more examples of these ridiculous reasoning read the full article here

24th March 2003 - 18:28 (GMT+1)

Radiohead will release their sixth album 'Hail To The Thief' on Parlophone on June 9.

This will be preceded by the single 'There There' on May 26.

'Hail To The Thief' features 14 tracks and was recorded in Oxfordshire and Los Angeles. It was produced by Nigel Godrich and Radiohead, and mixed by Nigel Godrich.

The track listing is:

2 + 2 = 5
Sit Down. Stand Up.
Sail To The Moon.
Go To Sleep.
Where I End And You Begin.
We Suck Young Blood.
The Gloaming.
There There.
I Will.
A Punch-Up at a Wedding.
A Wolf At The Door.

Also, there is 2 new songs : Backdrifts and The Gloaming

21th March 2003 - 16:00 (GMT+1)

the title and tracklisting will be anounced at 5pm (uk) on Monday  (Tv Station Teletext (uk) )

Information from teletext for the moment. 14 songs for the new album

for Nimes concert (france) The ticket not ready for sale but fnac add available soon for this concert with the price for one ticket. 37,40 euro

18th March 2003 - 00:48 (GMT+1)

w.a.s.t.e is very pleased to announce that Radiohead will be playing Nîmes Arena on the 14th July 2003

Here are all details regarding the tickets. All tickets can be bought at:

FNAC network store
Web Site: www.fnac.com

Phone booking :
calling from France: 0892 68 36 22 (0,34 euros per minute)

Ticket Net Network stores (Virgin MegaStores, Auchan, Carrefour supermarkets ..)

or www.ticketnet.fr

All tickets are 34 euros plus booking fees

At Ease News: According to sirendisc.com Radiohead are set release 'There There' as a single on May 19th in Japan and May 26th in the UK. The Japanese version will be a 5 a track disc. The Uk version will probably released as two CD singles with the the bonus tracks to be combined on the Japanese version. Since Radiohead's performance of the new tracks in Portugal and Spain 'There There' has been a candidate for the first single to be released off of the forthcoming album to be release in June. [thanks jonblaze

16th March 2003 - 23:19 (GMT+1)

New Article about Christopher O'Riley (pianist interpret Radiohead Transcription)

He Said "six or seven of these Radiohead pieces are the hardest pieces I play." and talk about preparing a new CD of Radiohead transcriptions, due out in May or June. After that, he intends to give recitals that balance Radiohead's music with classical composers. For read the complete article go Here

15th March 2003 - 17:12 (GMT+1)

7 new concerts are announced :

17th May 2003 - Dublin Olympia (Eire)
18th May 2003 - Dublin Olympia (Eire)
19th May 2003 - Belfast Waterfront (Eire) website
21th May 2003 - Edinburgh Corn Exchange (Scotland) website
22nd May 2003 - Manchester Apollo (England)
24th May 2003 - London Shepherds Empire (England) website
25th May 2003 - London Shepherds Empire (England) website

Tickets are available on waste, £24.50 for the UK gigs and €45.00 (£30.50) for the Eire gigs.

There is a booking fee of £2.50 per ticket.

To buy this tickets, visit http://tickets.waste.uk.com/

More informations coming soon...

14th March 2003 - 22:51 (GMT+1)

Radiohead will maybe play on "Shepherds Bush Empire" on london during this summer uk gigs. One article announce this concert as "confirmed", but no official announcement of Radiohead for the moment. It's actually not write in the featured gigs section of the "Shepherds Bush Empire" official website :


More informations soon. Read the related article here

(Thanks atease for this article)

I have added 11 new wallpapers on this website. Thanks to JB, Shelly and Emile to have create it and send it to me. Click here to view this wallpapers (news added on the bottom). If you have other wallpapers, thanks to mail me idiotequefr@yahoo.fr

If you haven't ever seen the "spinning plates" video, you could watch it here. It's a quicktime file (41,1 Mo) (thanks emile to find this link)

Do you know "Ground control to major thom" ? Ok, it's an old bootleg. To view the setlist and have somes information, click here. Well, this bootleg was available here, but I just try the link now, and I have find this error message :
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.
The link was ok few hours ago and I hope, you could download it later. Try it later and I hope it will be good.

12th March 2003 - 14:28 (GMT+1)

"Radiohead and Sigur Ros will be meeting soon to collaborate on the score for a piece by the world renowned Merce Cunningham Dance Company..." More infos, click here

12th March 2003 - 01:02 (GMT+1)

Ok, somes news about the next LP...
"According to the website for the Japanese chains of HMV and Tower record stores Radiohead’s still as-yet-untitled sixth studio album will be released on May 26 2003, despite previous unsubstantiated claims that the record would arrive on June 9 in Europe and on June 10 in the USA and Canada."

And a spokeman declare :

“There have been indications that the album will be released around May or June, so it makes sense that it’s being reported as arriving around that time.”

“There will be a statement about the first single and album release soon. We’re very, very, close now.”

Tower Record announce the next single for May 14 2003. Click here

All these release dates aren't confirmed by the band, but not contradicted for the moment.

Read this complete XFM article : here

(Thanks climbingupthewalls)

Radiohead in Florence & Rome this summer ? Maybe, maybe not, but there is an other rumour about this tour, really not official.... If you have somes other rumour or more informations, thanks contacts me idiotequefr@yahoo.fr (Thanks to my favorite duck...)

A new concert to download : Glasgow, Barrowlands September 03, 1993. It's a seven tracks show during the pablo honey period. The sound is pretty good for a 1993 show. To download this really good show, click here. Thanks idioteque.it for this initiative...

For french visitors, Amazon.fr make somes reductions on CD. Ok Computer, The Bends, Kid A and Amnesiac are sell 11,96 euros (78,45 Francs) each. If you haven't it, buy it quickly... Enjoy ! Go on amazon.fr

In coming days, 10 new wallpapers will be added. It's somes sailtothemoon user who have send me their creations. Thanks to all these people. If you have somes creations, thanks to contact me.

Injektilo-FTP have added 4 show on his server :

- 06-03-93, Barbue, Copenhagen Denmark
- 03-24-95, Kentish Town Forum, London UK
- 04-05-98, Paramount Theatre, Seattle WA
- 09-23-00, Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, London

To download it, try to go on his FTP. Click here

An article about "The Spin magazine Top 40 ‘Most Important Artists Making Music Right Now’". If you don't know what it is, just know that Radiohead have been declared second most important artist making music. Eminem is ranked number one, just before Radiohead (grrrrr). Read article here

Full concerts section have been updated. Click here

06th March 2003 - 00:04 (GMT+1)

More information about the future "UK gigs". About BBC, Radiohead will "be their smallest UK gigs for six years". And dot music said :"a spokesman for the band told XFM that the gigs would be, "small...well, small for Radiohead anyway"". The complete article here :

Dot Music & BBC

Dot music & BBC give precisions about the details for this gigs. BBC said :"Details of the club tour dates and venues will be released in the coming weeks, a spokeswoman for their record label Parlophone told BBC News Online" and dot music said :"Exact details of the tour are expected to be revealed on Radiohead's official website within the next two weeks". We will tell you when we have somes other news...Coming soon...

I have promisse you somes FTP for download Radiohead gigs. Well, I'll actually give you one where you can find 3 concerts (3 for radiohead, but there are a big list of concert for other band). The 3 concerts are :

- Later Show with Jools Holland
- Oxford 2001
- Pinkpop 2001

It's a Weezer FTP, but there is 3 Radiohead concerts. Go to this url :
And choose the "Live Shows By Other Bands" directory. If server is down, try later. I'll give you other FTP soon. Good download !

I want to thanks people who have contact me to help us for the future version of sailtothemoon. Please continue to send me mail. Your comments and your ideas are really helpful for us... idiotequefr@yahoo.fr

Finally, a really funny gif (find by atease forums user). It's a very simple version of the video clip "Just" realised in GIF and only with smiley. Very Fun, but too hard to read the conversation...Go here

04th March 2003 - 16:30 (GMT+1)

Exclusivity for Nme. A spokesperson for the band told Nme: "They will be playing a very special series of dates in the UK. The shows will be in what for them, will be very small venues." Tour Date in May

For the complete article

 Nme  Aranova

04th March 2003 - 06:01 (GMT+1)

Hello everybody !!! During 3 weeks, I (Fred) was very busy and creep have work alone on this website during this period. Great Thanks to creep for her work. Now, I'm back and I'll work on the new version of sailtothemoon. If you want to help us or if you have somes ideas, thanks to contact me : idiotequefr@yahoo.fr

Ok, fakeplasticboots have put a new concert to download. It's "The Forum, London, 24 March 1995". Great show with a good setlist and "lozenge of love" during encore. I'll make the cover soon. Click here to download this show.

I'll update the "full concerts" section today.

Soon, I'll give you 2 or 3 FTP where you could download somes radiohead concerts (I'm actually list them).

For the future version of sailtothemoon, we want to add somes new sections (and maybe delete other). Please, give us your wishs and your opinions to ameliorate this website. Don't be afraid to mail me, this website is for you and we want to satisfy you. bye ! idiotequefr@yahoo.fr

03th March 2003 - 04:30 (GMT+1)

Jonny Greenwood talk in the official Message board

I will probably in the new album. World Tour. but not play at Eastern Europe

and for Australia not this year.

The setlist for this world tour: Similar sets, after all. It'll just be better ! And some new songs of course !"

01th March 2003 - 12:30 (GMT+1)

Thom York talk in the official Message board

resume of the thom message board info write by Metaxy (ateaseweb message board)

Someone declares they like cricket, Thom asks why.

Thom recently read "Depression and How to Survive it" (why must he meet the stereotype of him so exactly ), has not read Spike Milligan's war diaries.

In response to question "Tracklisting...?": "at this moment we is listening to it before sending off to mastering."

Myxomatosis will be on LP6.

Myxomatosis will NOT be on LP6 (a fan said "please don't", so he said "okay then we won't"... so this denial of what was already confirmed is probably sarcastic).

0:18:38 Listening to Myxomatosis, it has funk and "uglieeee" keyboards.

He has a sore throat (heh)

Having fun with Rachel and Noah (when he gets the chance)

0:21:50 Wolf at the Door is on next.

The title is not Are You Listening? or 2+2=5, and never has been.

Thom may have mild synaesthesia (seeing smells, hearing colors etc. - mixing up of the senses, a minor but pretty intense brain condition) especially when he's playing live.

Mr. Magpie and I Froze Up "definelty appearing in abox somewhwer soon."

0:34:07 There There is playing. Will be a single (if I'm interpreting Thom's cryptic words right). A video, too, is implied.

So, here's my extrapolation of the tracklist (if they were listening in order)

[Some other songs]
[Maybe one other song here]
Wolf at the Door
[Some other songs]
There There [could be the last track, but there's no particular evidence for this]

Other songs that will be at least b-sides for sure: I Froze Up, Good Morning Mr. Magpie.

He also made some other random comments, but I mentioned the most interesting ones (and all of the ones relating to the album). Whee

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